Start Dates for 2020 National and Independent Leagues

Last update 21 August. 

Given the flurry of announcements of national leagues opening around the world, we thought we should collate the various start dates. There are currently 29 active leagues, with one more scheduled for late August. The first country to restart play was the Czech Republic, while the first professional league was Taiwan’s CPBL. Europe features 23 of the 29 active leagues, with Spain soon to join. This list will be updated as more leagues begin play.

Austria: July 3
Belarus: August 15
Belgium: July 3 (suspended July 29), resumed August 28
Bulgaria: June 14
Croatia: June 14
Curaçao: July 18
Czech Republic (Extraliga): May 22
Denmark: June 14
Estonia: May 21
Finland: June 12
France: August 8 (“French Summer League”)/September 6 (“Challenge Suzanne Bricand)
Germany: August 8
Great Britain: Tournament instead of season
Ireland: July 20
Italy: July 8
Lithuania: June 13
Japan (NPB): June 19
Mexico: Cancelled
Netherlands: July 23
Nicaragua (Germán Pomares 2nd Half): April 17 (suspended on May 21), resumed June 26
Norway: June 21
Poland: July 5
Russia: August 8
Serbia: June 7
Slovakia: Before June 12
South Korea (KBO): May 5
Spain: August 30
Sweden: July 1
Switzerland: June 13
Taiwan (CPBL): April 12 (Scheduled for April 11)
Ukraine: July 4
USA: July 1/September 1 (Pecos League), July 2 (Pacific League), July 3 (American Association, United Shore League), July 10 (Constellation Energy League), September (Empire League)
Vietnam (Hanoi, not national): June 7

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