Baseball5 Archive: World Rankings, Record Book, and More

This week, we have taken a further step in codifying the history of the world’s newest ball sport, baseball5. A total of six tournaments with mixed national teams—considered to be baseball5’s default format—have been contested and each event is now profiled on our site. These articles included full results, tables, event format, and records set. We conclude our week highlighting baseball5 with the release of our updated record book, all-time statistics, head-to-head results, and the first baseball5 world ranking, courtesy of The Roon Ba.

Baseball5’s Only Record Book Expanded and Updated
After the European Baseball5 Championship, we published our first record book, which we have since expanded significantly. A few results were changed, as well, as more information about the Americas Baseball5 Open emerged thanks to The Roon Ba (“The Round Ball” in Scots Gaelic). The new Baseball5 Record Book contains events, game, and team records, including everything from most wins ever (Cuba) to highest percentage of shutout wins among games played (France) and may records in-between. A total of 13 different countries hold world records, with Cuba the unsurprising leader with 13 records. Belarus and Bulgaria play their part in four world records as does Guatemala, though its marks are not enviable.

The First Baseball5 Team Statistics
We have compiled team statistics from all six tournaments and merged them into a single database. Curious how many runs Israel scores per game? Or how about per five-inning regulation contest? Who plays the longest games, on average? Who has the best defence? What about the worst run differential? Scan the stats below!

Head-to-Head Results Updated
We have corrected several errors from the Americas Baseball5 Open, the results of which have required intensive research by ourselves and The Roon Ba. One of the reasons why Cuba is considered the world leader in baseball5 competitions is its dominant results, which you can check in our database of every head-to-head baseball5 result. For example, Cuba is 5-0 versus France and 2-0 against Italy, but only 2-2 aginst Colombia. The database is available here: [Link].

The First Baseball5 World Rankings
We have worked closely with The Roon Ba for years and, beyond an amazing ability to find results that no one else can in almost one hundred sports, the site also publishes world rankings. The site’s recent release of baseball5 rankings are the first-ever world rating published for the sport [link]. In a result that will surprise no one, Cuba is the world’s top-ranked baseball5 nation, but according to The Roon Ba, European champions France are No. 7 and co-qualifiers to the World Cup Lithuania No. 10.

Rankings are done according to a modified ELO system (“The Roon Ba ELO forumla”), which is explained here [link]. With so few games contested, there is likely to be plenty of movement after the next competition. Two of the main differences between the site’s rankings in WBSC disciplines is that only senior national team competitions are taken into account and results do not expire. Those of you who check out rankings in other sports will notice enormous difference to the WBSC rankings, which factor in only certain results, but include senior events all the way down to Under-12 competitions. Below are the first and only baseball5 world rankings.

Two other senior national team baseball5 events are scheduled for this year: The Baseball5 Asia Cup and the Baseball5 World Cup. The former is scheduled for early April and seems likely to be postponed, while the World Cup, which is billed as including teams qualified from Africa, the Americas, and Oceania, will take play in Mexico in December. We hope to see more events in this exhilarating sport and will have plenty more on baseball5 once—and in anticipation of—sporting play resumes.

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The full list of international tournaments profiled this week:
2018 Balkan Baseball5 Open [Link]
2018 Rome Baseball5 Open [Link]
2018 Havana Baseball5 Tournament [Link]
2019 Americas Baseball5 Open [Link]
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