Baseball5 Archive: 2019 Americas Open

As the only media organisation that regularly covers baseball5, we have spent a lot of time creating an archive of baseball5 events, information, and even the sport’s only record book. The recently completed Baseball5 European Championship is one of six baseball5 tournaments that have included mixed national teams, but the results of several have been scattered across a variety of websites. This week, we will profile the sport’s five previous tournaments to ensure these records from the early days of baseball5’s history are not lost.

The Americas Open was the first baseball5 tournament ever held in South America, with Cartagena, Colombia playing host. Four national teams made their debuts in the event, including Colombia, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. At the time, the five nations competing and 48 games played were world records for a mixed international baseball5 tournament.

Cuba came in as heavy favourites, having already won two tournaments in the preceeding seven months, but it was Venezuela that looked like the team to beat after three days. Cuba and Colombia were also in the running, though the hosts faded after a 6-2 start.

The tournament format was unique, but likely served as an influence on the setup of the Baseball5 Euros. Round One was a round robin, with each team playing a best-of-three series against each otherin which the series’ winner earned a single ‘win’ (similar to the NCAA approach to doubles’ tennis). Round Two was labelled the ‘Sprint Round’, with each team playing two single games against each other. The combined ‘wins’ were used to qualify teams to the medal series.

In the end, Cuba took on Venezuela in a best-of-three championship. Venezuela had dropped only three of 14 games, while Cuba was 10-4, but Los Antilleños dispatched Venezuela 12-7 and 11-1. Colombia took bronze from Puerto Rico, but scores are unknown from the two-game sweep.

The tournament did not have an official webpage and results were not published in any single source. Reconstructing even the schedule took several hours, with more than a dozen sources consulted before we came up with the winners and about half of the scores. Alas, the host nation failed to publicise any of the results and a third of Colombia’s scores are missing.

Fortunately, the amazing research of came to the rescue with most of the missing results and, indeed, a correction to our understanding of the Sprint Round, which was described as 15 games by COPABE and various newspapers, but was, in fact, only 10 contests. The Roon Ba is the leading source for results in all senior national team contests in dozens of sports and has the ability to find scores that no one else can. Through this work, we were able also to verify most of our scores, some of which were dubious (with several incorrect), and fill in many of the remaining holes.

The tournament set nine world records, only two of which have been be surpassed, along with three continental records. It is likely that both sets of numbers are higher, but the seven missing scores. Cuba set eight of these records itself, including most wins in a tournament (12) and best winning percentage in a tournament (75%). Its 34-0 win over Guatemala is the world record for most runs in a game by one team or both combined, along with biggest margin of victory.

Other all-time marks set were most shutout wins in a tournament (3, Venezuela), most games played in a tournament (Colombia, 17), most losses in a tournament (12, Puerto Rico), and most runs scored in a tournament (154, Cuba). Most runs scores in a loss (seven, accomplished four times) has since been surpassed, but remains the Americas record. Full results are below.

If you are aware of any missing results or have contacts with baseball5 in South America or with the organising committee, please get in touch.

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Americas Baseball5 Open
Cartagena, Colombia
18-20 April 2019

Format was pool play of a round robin of three-game series between nations. Each series counted as a single “win”. The next round was a ‘Sprint Round’, a single-game round robin. Those single games were also counted as wins as the combined totals of the two rounds qualified for first- and third-place games.

Pool Play
Day 1: Thursday (April 18)
Cuba 8 – Colombia 6
Colombia 13 – Cuba 6
Colombia 11 – Cuba 5
Venezuela 12 – Puerto Rico 2
Venezuela 14 – Puerto Rico 1
Colombia 7 – Guatemala 4
Colombia 6 – Guatemala 4
Cuba 8 – Venezuela 7
Venezuela 7 – Cuba 6
Cuba 6 – Venezuela 4
Colombia W – Puerto Rico
Colombia W – Puerto Rico
Colombia – Puerto Rico W
Cuba 15 – Guatemala 0
Cuba 34 – Guatemala

First Day Standings (Wins are series wins, not game wins)
Team                    “Wins”   W-L       RF          RA          Missing Runs
Colombia             3-0         6-2          43           27           3 Games
Cuba                     2-1          5-3          88           48
Venezuela            1-1          3-2          44           23
Puerto Rico         0-2          1-4          3             26           3 Games
Guatemala          0-2          0-4          8             62

Friday (April 19)
Puerto Rico 9 – Guatemala 6 (score uncertain)
Puerto Rico 7 – Guatemala 5
Venezuela 5 – Colombia 6
Venezuela 9 – Colombia 2
Venezuela 7 – Colombia 0
Puerto Rico 4 – Cuba 8
Puerto Rico 2 – Cuba 3
Venezuela 11 – Guatemala 0
Venezuela 9 – Guatemala 1

Final Pool Play Standings
Team                    “Wins”   W-L       RF          RA         Missing Runs
Colombia             3-1          7-4          50           49           3 Games
Cuba                     3-1          7-3          99           54
Venezuela            3-1          7-3          86           41
Puerto Rico         1-3          3-6          25           48           3 Games
Guatemala          0-4          0-8          30           98

Sprint Round
Friday (April 19)
Game 11: Cuba 12 – Colombia 2
Game 12: Venezuela 11 – Puerto Rico 2
Game 13: Colombia 11 – Guatemala 1 (Mercy)
Game 14: Venezuela 11 – Cuba 4
Game 15: Puerto Rico 7 – Colombia 12
Saturday (April 20)
Game 16: Cuba 3 – Guatemala 2
Game 17: Venezuela 11 – Colombia 1
Game 18: Guatemala 4 – Puerto Rico 0
Game 19: Cuba 13 – Puerto Rico 3
Game 20: Guatemala 0 – Venezuela 4

Standings through Sprint Round
Team                    “Wins”   W-L       RF          RA         Missing Runs
Venezuela            7-1          11-3        123         48
Cuba                     6-2         10-4        131         72
Colombia             5-3          9-6          76           80           3 Games
Puerto Rico         1-7          3-10         37           88           3 Games
Guatemala           1-7          1-11          37           116

Third Place Series:
Colombia W – Puerto Rico
Colombia W – Puerto Rico

Championship Series:
Cuba 12 – Venezuela 7
Cuba 11 – Venezuela 1

Final Standings
Team                    “Wins”   W-L       RF          RA         Missing Runs
Cuba                     7-2          12-4        154         80
Venezuela            7-2          11-5        131         71
Colombia             6-3          11-6        76           80           5 Games
Puerto Rico         1-8          3-12        37           88           5 Games
Guatemala           1-7          1-11        37           116

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