Baseball5 Archive: 2018 Havana Tournament

As the only media organisation that regularly covers baseball5, we have spent a lot of time creating an archive of baseball5 events, information, and even the sport’s only record book. The recently completed Baseball5 European Championship is one of six baseball5 tournaments that have included mixed national teams, but the results of several have been scattered across a variety of websites. This week, we will profile the sport’s five previous tournaments to ensure these records from the early days of baseball5’s history are not lost.

The third baseball5 tournament ever hosted, the Havana Baseball5 Tournament was the first event in the sport to take place in the Americas. The two-day tournament in Cuba featured men’s, women’s, and mixed competitions. Only mixed baseball5 is considered the official version of the discipline, which prevents Jamaica from entering the record books as it submitted only a men’s team.

Cuba dominated this tournament as well, though France had made significant gains from the last time the two nations met in September. Nicaragua also contested the event. For the first time in a baseball5 event, no records were set. Full results are below.

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Havana Tournament
Havana, Cuba
24-25 October 2018

Men’s round robin play
Cuba A-France 11-1
Cuba B-Jamaica 18-2
Cuba A-Cuba B 8-2
Nicaragua-France 10-6
France-Jamaica 2-1
Cuba A-Nicaragua 14-0
Cuba B-Nicaragua 8-5
Cuba A-Jamaica 33-1
Nicaragua-Jamaica 4-2
Cuba B-France 16-0

Men’s final: Cuba A-Cuba B 8-7
Men’s third place: France-Nicaragua 6-5
Men’s Most Valuable Player Cristian Basabe Sierra (Cuba-B)

Women’s round robin play
Cuba-Nicaragua 3-1
Cuba-France 4-2
France-Nicaragua 4-0
France-Cuba 1-0
Cuba-Nicaragua 2-1
France-Nicaragua 6-4

Women’s final: Cuba-France 3-5
Women’s Most Valuable Player Kimane Rogron (France)

Co-ed round robin play
France-Nicaragua 3-2
Cuba-Nicaragua 9-1
Cuba-France 8-6

Co-ed final: Cuba-France 11-0
Co-ed Most Valuable Player Briandy Molina Elias (Cuba)

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