Baseball5 Record Book and All-Time Results

It has been a historic year already for the world’s newest sport, with the first continental championship featuring 14 European nations, each of whom won and lost at least two games. In June, baseball5 fans can tune to Kuala Lumpur for the first-ever event in the sport to be held in Asia or feature an Asian nation. A second Americas Open, likely to be considered the Americas Championship, is tentatively scheduled for some time this year. Winners of these tournaments will travel to Mexico in December to join the host nation, France, and Lithuania in the first Baseball5 World Cup.

We pride ourselves on being the only news source to continually (or even regularly) cover baseball5 and have taken leadership in breaking relevant news, in offering signficant coverage, and analysing events and tournaments. Yesterday, we published the first-ever tournament statistics in the sport and today we unveil the Baseball5 Record Book and the head-to-head results of every mixed (the standard baseball5 format) senior national team since the first tournament in September 2018.

Thus far, five tournaments have been contested, and all of them are listed in the record book, which offer a Top 10 in seven different categories. Several could be difficult to break, like Cuba’s 34-0 victory over Guatemala in the 2019 Americas Open, which holds three different records. A total of 18 different countries positively contributed to records being set, with Cuba, France, Belarus, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Romania particularly high on the list. Check out the full publication here: Baseball5 Record Book.

A total of 21 countries in Europe and the Americas have fielded teams in an international tournament. Cuba has won three of those events and has a 23-5 all-time record, while Venezuela (14-6), Colombia (14-7), and France (14-7) have all dominated at times. Bulgaria (12-8), Russia (10-2), and Romania (10-13) are the only other teams with double-digit all-time win totals. In a delightful turn of events, no team has played more than three games and gone winless. The database is in Excel format and, given the large amounts of data, to see head-to-head results, it is necessary to click on each cell. Investigate further here: National Team All-Time Head-to-Head.

With the Baseball5 Asia Cup coming up in June and possible Baseball5 World Cup qualifiers for Africa, the Americas, and Oceania, we should have plenty of updates for both documents by the end of the year.

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