Orlando, Rienzo, Takahashi on Brazil’s WBC Qualifier Roster, Bo Bichette Missing

Brazil released its roster for the World Baseball Classic and it includes Paulo Orlando, Andre Rienzo, and Bo Takahashi. Yan Gomes and Bo Bichette are not on the list, as would be expected of big leaguers, though Eric Pardinho is also missing due to recent Tommy John Surgery. Names to watch are Gabriel Maciel and Igor Kimura, while Dylan Lee is a little old for a prospect but put up strong numbers in the high minors last year.

Andre Rienzo – Yaquis de Obregon
Felipe Natel – Yamaha
Oscar Nakaoshi – Kazusa Magic
Dylan Lee – Miami Marlins (AAA)
Bo Takahashi – Arizona Diamondbacks (AAA) (left)
Tiago da Silva – Yaquis de Obregon
Rafael Ohashi – Toronto Blue Jays (Rookie)
Marcelo Arai – Gecebs
Rafael Miranda – Nippon Ham Fighters
Daniel Missaki – Nippon Blue Jays
Igor Kimura – Tampa Bay Rays (Rookie)
Heitor Tokar – Houston Astros
Christian Pedrol – Buchbinder Regensburg
Keyne Kitayama – Gecebs

Gabriel Carmo – Cougars
Márcio Kikuchi – Atibaia

Dante Bichette – Washington Nationals (AA)
Leonardo Reginatto – Ottawa Champions (header)
Vitor Ito – Nissay
Liam Sabino – St. Louis Cardinals (A)
Allan Fagnoni – Bologna
Lucas Rojo – Tochigi Golden Eagles
Felipe Burin – Marília
Salomon Koba – Kochi Fighting Dogs

Paulo Orlando – Yaquis de Obregon
Gabriel Maciel – Minnesota Twins (left)
Jean Tome – Atibaia
Vitor Coutinho – Houston Astros





Barry Larkin – Manager (right)
Steve Finley – Hitting Coach
LaTroy Hawkins – Pitching Coach
Joel Noboa – Technical Auxiliary
José Thiago Caldeira – Bullpen Coach
Marcos Guimarães – Baserunning Coach
Luis Camargo – Bullpen

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All photos copyright Extra Innings. 

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