D.R. Team Repeats as Caribbean Cup Champions

A team representing the Dominican Republic won the second Caribbean Cup on Sunday, while the U.S. Virgin Islands earned its second-straight bronze. The seven-team tournament featured five national teams, including a squad from Jamaica that made its international senior debut. The event—which was held at the Melvin Mora Academy and the Royals’ DSL complex—featured 14 games, including an exhibition by the Dominican Republic’s women’s national team.

The story in the opening round was the clean sweep of Group B by the U.S. Virgin Islands, which included a victory over Aruba for the second year in-a-row. Thanks to home runs by Kyle Lamotta and Jorge Rivera, it topped the Latin American Prospect League, representing Venezuela. Its final game came over Jamaica. Jamaica has only recently entered international competition at any level, sending Under-18 teams to the World Comes to Palm Beaches Tournament the last two years.

Aruba took advantage of Jamaica’s inexperience on the opening day of play, tossing a combined no-hitter over five innings. The Arubans reeled off 18 runs, including a grand slam by Kelvin Silvania and a home run by Eugene Helber. Jamaica was shut out in its second game as well, 12-0 by the squad from Venezuela, but finally scored its first runs in international play against the U.S.V.I.

The Dominican Republic squad allowed only two runs in Group A, defeating Perú and Haiti, which has suddenly beomce a regular participant in Americas tournaments. Meanwhile, the latter nation played in its second event ever and showed some small gains, particularly in pitching depth.

Former major leaguer Jose Cano directed the women’s national baseball team of the D.R. in a split squad game on the final day. Wearing a mixture of four different uniforms, the squad took the field for a rare appearance. Thus far, the Dominican women have played at the 2018 Women’s Baseball World Cup and 2019 COPABE Women’s Championship. Their play earned them the No. 9 ranking in the world for 2018.

The semifinals saw the U.S.V.I. challenged by Perú in what was the most exhilarating game of the tournament. The South American visitors, which have participated in both Caribbean Cups, struck early and held off rally after rally by the islanders. The ascendant Peruvians put the icing on the cake when a long drive that would have given U.S.V.I. the lead was caught on a sensational catch by Perú’s centrefielder. The 5-4 final was one of only two one-run finishes.

The D.R. team easily dispatched ‘Venezuela’ in the other semifinal and then defeated Perú 7-1 for the trophy. The U.S.V.I. then bested the the Venezuelan prospects for the second time, 8-3, to claim third place, while the Dominicans blasted Perú, 7-1.

Full results, some details, and partial rosters are available below. Pictures copyright Aqui Beisbol.

5 December
D.R. 12 – Haiti 2                               W-Fernando Fermin, L-Henry Decio
Notes: DR-Willy Guerrero 3-for-4, R, Wilson Siri 1-for-4, RBI; HAI- Francisco Sancl 2-for-2, Wander Pujols 2-for-2

USVI 8 – Venezuela 4                      W-Noel Cahete, L-Darwin Caballero
Notes: USVI-Jorge Rivera 1-for-4, HR, 3RBI, Kyle Lamotta 2-for-4, HR, 3RBI; VEN- Miguel Chacoa 2-for-3, HR, Pedro Rengifo 1-for-4

Aruba 18 – Jamaica 0 (5)                                W-Rivandrik Simon, L-Jeli Gordon
Notes: Combined no-hitter, Kelvin Silvania-2-for-4, Grand Slam, 5RBI, Eugene Helber 2-for-4, HR, 4RBI, Julio Hernández 3-for-4, 4RBI

6 December
D.R. 9 – Perú 0                                 W-Edwin Adon, L-Alonso Peña
Notes: DR-Wilson Sirit 2-for-4, 3B, R, 3RBI, Junior Javier-HR; Peru-Jusumu Yoza 2-for-4, Juan Casas 1-for-3, 2B

USVI 7 – Aruba 6                             W-Roberto Soto, L-Ryan Huntingdon, SV-Steven Ventura
Notes: USVI-Jamoy Percival 1-for-4, 2B, 3RBI, Toshaw Drew 2-for-3, RBI; ARU- Kelvin Silvania 3-for-5 RBI Julio Hernández 2-for-4

Venezuela 12 – Jamaica 0               W-Carlos Alvarado, L-Derrick Reas
Notes: VEN-Carlos Alvarado 1-for-3, 2RBI, Miguel Chacoa 3-for-5, 2B, 2R, Anderson Jiménez-2B; JAM- Derrick Reas 1-for-3, Trudean Francis 1-for-3

7 December
Peru 16 – Haiti 1 (5)                         W-Juan Casas (5IP, 3H, 1ER, 5K)
Jamaica 2 – USVI 12
Aruba 1 – Venezuela 5                    W-Marcel Contreras, L-Angelo Cámara
Notes: VEN-Rubén Rojas 2-for-2, David Rodríguez 2-for-4, R, César Farías 1-for-4, R; AR-Julio Hernández 2-for-3, RBI, Jaír Thompson 2-for-4 

Group A Standings        W-L     RF        RA
D.R.                                     2-0          21           2
Peru                                     1-1          16           10
Haiti                                    0-2          3             28

Group B Standings
USVI                                    3-0          27           12
‘Venezuela’                         2-1          21           13
Aruba                                  1-2          25           12
Jamaica                              0-3          2             42

8 December
Semifinal: Perú 5 – USVI 4                                Stream
Semifinal: D.R. beat ‘Venezuela’                      Partial Stream (6-1 after 6)

Third Place: USVI 8 – Venezuela 3
First Place: DR 7 – Perú 1

Final Standings  W-L     RF        RA
D.R.                                     4-0          28           3             Missing semifinal against Venezuela.
Peru                                     2-2          22           21
USVI                                    4-1          39           20
‘Venezuela’                         2-3          24           21           Missing semifinal against D.R.
Aruba                                  1-2          25           12
Haiti                                    0-2          3             28
Jamaica                              0-3          2             42

Partial Rosters
Aruba: Angelo Cámara, Eugene Helber, Julio Hernández, Ryan Huntingdon (P), Kelvin Silvania, Rivandrik Simon, Jaír Thompson
D.R.: Edwin Adon (P), Fernando Fermin (P), Willy Guerrero, Junior Javier, Wilson Siri(t)
Haiti: Henry Decio (P), Wander Pujols, Francisco Sancl
Jamaica: Trudean Francis, Jeli Gordon, Derrick Reas (P-Hitter)
Perú: 45 (C), 44 Condesa, 53 Juan Casas (RF), 23 Huisa, 16 Ishihara (Batter), 17 Yan Kanashiro (Batter), 79 Loyola, 27 Jorge Pastor (Batter), Alonso Peña (P), 26 Reaño, 00 Jusumu Yoza
USVI: De Zhane Amy (RHP), Noel Cahete/Canete (RHP), Tahj Cunningham (RHP), Toshawn Drew, Kyle Lamotta, Michael Meléndez (LHP), Jamoy/Jahmoi Percival, Jorge Rivera, Roberto Soto (P), Steven Ventura (P)
Venezuela: Carlos Alvarado (P-Hitter), Darwin Caballero, Carlos Caicedo (P), Miguel Chacoa, Marcel Contreras, César Farías, Anderson Jiménez, Odanel Ponce, Pedro Rengifo, David Rodríguez, Rubén Rojas, Angelo Tarazana (P)


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