European Baseball Players in American Education Final [R-S]

On Saturday, we gave you the final season update for the first 15 (alphabetically) European baseball players in American Education [link]. Sunday, we broke down 11 more [link] and added 13 on Monday [link]. Our dozen today are eligible for the national federations Belgium, France, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Scotland, and Slovenia: Matthew Rienzi, Gabriel Rincónes Jr, Julian Rip, Conor Santoianni, Tim Schaareman, Brendan Scott, Ari Sechopoulos, Nolan Soliveres, Alex Sollecito, Matteo Sollecito, Bor Starc, and Joakim Svedheim.

Matthew Rienzi, RHP (SO, St. Joseph’s College-Brooklyn [7-28], N.Y.) [Bio]
RienziRienzi never really got going in the Bears’ abbreviated and weather-shortened season. Though he appeared in 10 games, he compiled only 8 1/3 innings and was rocked for eight earned run on 12 hits and six walks, sending seven down on strikes. In two years, the Polish hurler has a 7.85 ERA and 12-to-14 K-to-BB ratio in 18 1/3 frames.

Week Stats
March 5-11 2G, .1IP, 4H, 4ER, 1BB, 0K, 1HR
March 12-18 1G, .2IP, 1H, 0ER, K
March 19-25 1G, 1IP, 2H, 1ER, K
March 26-April 1 2G, 2.2IP, 0ER, 2BB, 2K
April 2-8 2G, .2IP, 1H, 1ER, 2BB, 0K
April 9-15 1G, 0IP, 0ER, 0K
April 16-22 3G, 2.2IP, 3H, 0ER, 3K
April 23-29 1G, .1IP, 1H, 2BB, 1BB, 0K

Gabriel Rincónes Jr, OF-RHP (HS JR, Plant High School [23-6], Fla.) [Bio]
RinconesRincónes had an up-and-down season with several scorching stretches, such as an 11-for-29, five extra-base hit span from March 2-22, and a 9-for-24, two homer stretch from April 12-May 1, sandwiched around a 0-for-10 mark in-between. The only Scot on our list had quite solid marks overall, though, slashing .299/.426/.480 with 11 walks and 19 strikeouts in 94 plate appearances, chipping in five stolen bases in 28 games. Though he is listed as a pitcher, Rincónes did not take the hill, starting in the outfielder in all but the season’s final game. Improved plate discipline in his final school year could entice university scouts to his blend of speed and power.

Week Stats
March 5-11 3G, 3-for-7, 3R, 2 2B, 3B, 2BB, HBP, K, SB
March 12-18 4G, 4-for-13, RBI, HBP, 5K, SB
March 19-25 2G, 3-for-6, 4R, 2B, 3B, 2RBI, HBP, 2K, 2SB
March 26-April 1 1G, 0-for-4, 2K
April 2-8 2G, 0-for-4, 2BB, K
April 9-15 2G, 1-for-4, BB, HBP, K
April 16-22 3G, 3-for-9, 3R, 2B, HR, 2RBI, BB, HBP
April 23-29 2G, 3-for-4, R, RBI, 2BB, HBP
April 30-May 6 2G, 2-for-7, R, HR, 2RBI, 3K
May 7-13 1G, 1-for-3, R, 2K
May 14-20 1G, 0-for-4, 1K
May 21-27 DNP

Julian Rip, OF (SO, Hutchinson Community College [39-22], Kan.) [Bio]
Julian-Rip-Sportprijs-VeldRip had a boom-or-bust season for the Blue Dragons, who advanced deep in to the Region VI Tournament and took advantage of the small ballparks of the Midwest, blasting nine home runs, third-most on the team. A significant portion of the damage coming in a nine-day span in April, during which he was 16-for-29 with six doubles, a triple, and two four-baggers, scoring 15 runs and driving in 17.

Rip’s biggest weakness was his plate discipline as he struck out a whopping 47 times in 118 at bats, drawing 16 walks (and 10 plunkings) despite the obvious power. His final line of .297/.415/.669 might appeal to scouts at a smaller four-year university, and it will be interested to see if Rip will appear for a Dutch team in the coming year.

Week Stats
March 5-11 1G, 1-for-3, 2R, BB, K
March 12-18 4G, 2-for-7, 5R, 2HR, 5RBI, BB, 4K, 3SB
March 19-25 4G, 4-for-12, R, 2B, 3B, 2RBI, BB, 2K
March 26-April 1 2G, 1-for-4, R, HR, RBI, 2K
April 2-8 2G, 1-for-5, 2RBI, 3K
April 9-15 6G, 4-for-9, 2R, 4RBI, 3BB, 3K, CS
April 16-22 5G, 10-for-22, 12R, 5 2B, 3B, 2HR, 11RBI, 3BB, 7K, SB
April 23-29 4G, 2-for-9, 2R, 2B, HR, 2RBI, 3K
April 30-May 6 3G, 1-for-9, RBI, BB, 5K, SB
May 7-13 4G, 4-for-11, 5R, 3B, HR, 4RBI, 3BB, 3K
May 14-20 1G, 0-for-2, K

Conor Santoianni, OF (FR, Springfield University [23-14-2], Mass.) [Bio]

Santoianni Hudson Valley

©Hudson Valley News Network

Santoianni gradually accrued more playing time as the season went on, starting 11 games for the Pride. After starting his collegiate career 9-for-24, the Irish-American struggled in all but one of his remaining games, but still finished with a .241/.328/.259 line that offers promise going into his second season.

Week Stats
Feb. 26-March 4 DNP
March 5-11 1G, 2-for-3, 2B
March 12-18 5G, 4-for-11, R, 2RBI, BB, 2K
March 19-25 2G, 2-for-7, R, 2BB, 2K
March 26-April 1 4G, 1-for-16, RBI, 3BB, 6K
April 2-8 3G, 3-for-8, R, SB
April 9-15 2G, 0-for-2, 2K
April 16-22 2G, 0-for-4, BB, 2K
April 23-29 1G, 1-for-3
April 30-May 6 DNP

Tim Schaareman, SS (SR, Park University [22-20], Mo.) [Bio]
schaareman2.jpgSchaareman put together one of the best seasons of any European and was easily the most consistent, as virtually every box score saw the Dutch shortstop collect a hit and a run, often with a stolen base or extra base hit. He was never cold for more than a game or two, and had a 23-game hitting streak between the end of 2017 and the beginning of the spring. Overall, Schaareman had superb number, slashing .406/.468/.521 with 23 stolen bases, 18 walks, and only 23 whiffs in 165 at bats. He scored 44 runs in 42 games.

The only downside to Schaareman’s game was the 18 errors, which led to an .898 fielding percentage, roughly an average result defensively in the NAIA. Still, Schaareman was 11th in the NAIA in hits per game (1.6), tied for No. 26 in stolen bases per game (0.55), and in a draw for No. 33 in the nation in average, leading to a First-Team All-Conference selection.

Schaareman was superb in his three years for the Pirates, slashing .349/.418/.493 in 137 games, scoring 132 runs and swiping 48 bases. The infielder is clearly good enough to continue playing somewhere, but it remains to be seen whether he will suit up again, particularly for the loaded Netherlands national teams.

Week Stats
March 5-11 3G, 3-for-11, 2R, 2B, RBI, BB, 4K
March 12-18 6G, 9-for-25, 4R, 6RBI, 8K, SF, SAC, 7SB
March 19-25 5G, 8-for-17, 9R, 2B, 3B, 3RBI, 4BB, K, 4SB
March 26-April 1 3G, 5-for-11, R, 2B, 2RBI, 3BB, K, 2SB
April 2-8 3G, 6-for-14, 5R, 2B, 3RBI, SF, K, SB
April 9-15 3G, 8-for-15, 4R, 2 2B, HR, 4RBI, 2K, 2SB
April 16-22 3G, 5-for-14, 2R, 2B, 2RBI, 2BB, SO, 2SB
April 23-29 4G, 5-for-17, 4R, 2B, 2RBI, BB, 2K

Brendan Scott, SS-CF-RHP (HS JR, Queensbury H.S. [23-14-2], N.Y.) [Bio]
Scott played for New Jersey Class A champions, hitting a three-run triple in the championship game, but unfortunately, season stats are unavailable for the Irish-American.

Ari Sechopoulos, 1B (SO, College of Charleston [36-19], S.C.) [Bio]
SechopoulosSechopoulos had a fairly consistent season, with very few big or poor games, despite starting in only around 60 percent of the Cougars’ games. The first-sacker’s final line of .273/.370/.591 as a sophomore is quite promising, however, as does his solid defence (.991 fielding percentage). The Greek-American even pulled off a rare feat twice, hitting a home run and laying down a sacrifice bunt in the same game. Sechopoulos and Platt faced off between Mar. 30-Apr. 1 and would have met again had Platt stayed in the lineup, as the two faced off in the playoffs. Continued improvement (.259/.327/.439 in 2017) should see Sechopoulos cement a starting role for 2018.

Week Stats
March 5-11 2G, 2-for-4, 2R, 2K
March 12-18 3G, 1-for-6, R, HR, RBI
March 19-25 3G, 2-for-7, 2R, HR, 3RBI, BB, 3K, SAC, SB
March 26-April 1 3G, 2-for-9, R, 2 2B, RBI, BB, 3K, SAC
April 2-8 2G, 1-for-6, R, HR, 2RBI, SAC
April 9-15 2G, 2-for-6, R, HR, RBI, 3K, 2SAC
April 16-22 2G, 3-for-6, 2R, HR, RBI, BB
April 23-29 4G, 4-for-16, R, 2B, HBP, 5K, SB
April 30-May 6 3G, 3-for-9, 2R, 2RBI, 2 2B, BB, 6K
May 7-13 1G, 0-for-5, 4K
May 14-20 2G, 3-for-7, 1R, HR, 4RBI, BB
May 21-27 3G, 3-for-10, 3R, 2HR, 3RBI, 3BB, 2K

Nolan Soliveres, C (SO, Hillsborough Community College [32-25], Fla.) [Bio]
soliveres.jpgSoliveres was a teammate of the highest drafted member of a European national team, Aldrich de Jongh, who is not included on this list as we have grouped Caribbean-born prospects separately (mostly for reasons of size as the list would more than double). Soliveres played regularly in the first two weeks of the season, but received only six at bats between Feb. 25 and May 12, which could suggest an injury. Adding to that case is that Soliveres came back red-hot, starting three of the final four games in the Region VIII Tournament, including a massive 4-for-4, three-run, five-RBI performance versus Broward, against whom he hit his only roundtripper of the year. The Hawks were eliminated in regionals by the same team that ended Marius Balandis’ season, Chipola College.

Soliveres’ numbers in his second season with Hillsborough were solid, despite only seeing action in 15 games. The backstop slashed .300/.333/.400, scoring seven runs and driving in eight, though he did strike out 11 times in 40 at bats against only two walks. Perhaps more importantly, he threw out 6-of-14 baserunners (42.9 percent), almost twice the percentage of the team’s other two catchers.

Week Stats
March 5-11 DNP
March 12-18 1G, 1-for-4, 3K
March 19-25 1G, 0-for-1, K
March 26-April 1 DNP
April 2-8 DNP
April 9-15 DNP
April 16-22 DNP
April 23-29 DNP
April 30-May 6 1G, 0-for-1
May 7-13 DNP
May 14-20 3G, 5-for-11, 3R, HR, 4RBI, 2K, CS

Alex Sollecito, RHP-IF
No information is available for the younger of the Sollecito brothers.

Matteo Sollecito, RHP-SS-1B (JR, St. Peter’s Prep School [20-5], N.J.) [Bio]
Sollecito played sparingly in St. Peter’s run to the league title, which saw them ranked No. 26 in New Jersey. The Great Britain youth player pitched in five game, striking out 10 and walking nine in 14 1/3 frames, surrendering seven runs on 15 hits. Sollecito has one more year in school before attempting to continue his career.

Week Stats
March 26-April 1 1G, 2IP, 0ER, 2BB, 2K; 0-for-1, K as a batter
April 2-8 1G, 1.2IP, 2H, 2ER, 2BB, K
April 9-15 DNP
April 16-22 1G, 2H, 1ER, 2BB, 1K
April 23-29 1G, 4.2IP, 8H, 4ER, 3BB, 2K
April 30-May 6 1G, 0-for-1, RBI, BB as a batter
May 7-13 1GS, 5IP, 3H, 0ER, 0BB, 4K
May 14-20 DNP
May 21-27 DNP
May 28-June 3 DNP

Bor Starc, OF (FR, Clarendon Community College [6-1], Tx.) [Bio]
StarcIn an offensive league, Starc hit .302/.444/.488 with nine walks and 12 strikeouts in 43 at bats. The Slovenian did not draw a start in his 16 games for Clarendon, a team that hit .371/.464/.657 collectively.

Week Stats
March 5-11 DNP
March 12-18 DNP
March 19-25 DNP
March 26-April 1 0-for-2, K
April 2-8 2-for-7, 2B, 2R, 3RBI, BB, K
April 9-15 4-for-8, 3B, HR, 5R, 4RBI, 3BB, K
April 16-22 DNP
April 23-29 4-for-14, 2 2B, 3R, RBI, 2BB, 5K
April 30-May 6 2-for-6, 3RBI, K
May 7-13 0-for-2, RBI, 3BB, 2K

Joakim Svedheim, RHP (SO, Potomac State College [1-2], W.V.) [Bio]
Svedheim made only four appearances for PSC, but struck out a staggering 8-of-19 batters. In his 3 1/3 frames, he also allowed five runs on three hits and three walks, but the strikeout total might be intriguing enough for the Belgian to register interest elsewhere.

Week Stats
March 5-11 DNP
March 12-18 DNP
March 19-25 DNP
March 26-April 1 DNP
April 2-8 DNP
April 9-15 DNP
April 16-22 1G, 1IP, 0ER, 3K
April 23-29 1G, 1IP, 1H, 0ER, 1BB, 2K
April 30-May 6 1G, 1IP, 2H, 2ER, 1BB, 2K
May 7-13 DNP

Stay tuned for our next update tomorrow as we give you players surnamed T-Z. We will wrap up the day after with a list of our award winners.

All photos courtesy of the athletes’ institutions unless otherwise noted.

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