The Week in International Baseball (21-27 January)

With the first international tournament of the year in the books, there was still plenty of baseball news from five continents. The Latin Latin American Professional Baseball Series kicked off, plus we celebrated Great Britain’s first Hall-of-Famer.

On Monday, we released the Latin American Professional Baseball Series schedule (tweet). The LAPB features the champions of winter leagues in Colómbia, Curaçao, México’s Veracruz League, and Panamá, hosted by Nicaragua.

Italian Catcher Cesare Astorri made history as the first European signing of 2018 (link).

Todd Isaacs appeared in an interview discussing the Don’t Blink Home Run Derby in Paradise (tweet).

South Africa was listed by the WBSC as a selection for the Under-15 World Cup, despite Africa not holding a qualifying tournament (tweet).

We broke the news that Curaçao’s entry in the LABP would feature two former major leaguers, Yurendell de Caster and Shairon Martis, and a number of players for the Netherlands:

We also revealed Nicaragua’s roster for the series, which includes former Rockie Wilton López (tweet).

On the night of the Hall of Fame announcement, we updated our ‘Top Stiffs’, those players most hurt by the 10-vote limit on ballots:

South African national team star Dylan Unsworth signed with the Angels as a minor league free agent (tweet).

We celebrated the election of Trevor Hoffman, now the first Hall-of-Famer we ever interviewed (previous first was Dave Winfield):

We examined Netherlands’ star Andruw Jones‘ appearance on the Hall ballot (tweet) and then examined his case in more detail in response to a reader (thread).

In more Baseball Hall of Fame curiosities, Jamie Moyer broke Dennis Martínez‘ record for most wins by a player who was jettisoned from the ballot after one year (tweet).

With winter leagues wrapping up, the LAPB field was announced on Thursday (tweet).

Béisbol Argentino offered a brief scouting report on the next big Brazilian arm (link).

We released a comprehensive schedule of every international club, continental championship, qualifying tournament, and World Cup for 2018 (link).

Colómbia’s champions, Los Leónes de Montería, pulled out of the LAPB on its opening day (tweet). Colómbia’s national federation told us that it was due to financial difficulties (tweet).

Venezuela announced the list of tournaments in which it will participate this year (tweet).

We looked at the viewing figures for the first night game in the Latin American Series between México and Panamá, which were very strong (tweet). Our colleagues at Dutch Baseball Hangout looked at Curaçao’s roster for the LAPB (tweet).

Our final segment of the week was live-tweeting photos from our tour of southeastern American minor league teams as the’s Top 100 Prospects were released. We collected the photos in an article (link).

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