2018 International Baseball Schedule

With the calendar turned to 2018, a whole year of international baseball tournaments is on the horizon. After 2017 that featured an electric World Baseball Classic that set records in attendance, television viewership, and revenue, this year does not have a similar headline event, but there will be tournaments at every age level on almost every continent. This list does not include national leagues from around the world, though we have attempted to include special cups and competitions (like the Caribbean Series). We will break down the schedule by month and them sum it up by continent and age level at the end. Please let us know if you hear of any tournaments, no matter the age level or quality, that involve national teams or clubs competing internationally.

17-22 Under-15 Oceania Championship, Auckland, New Zealand (winner qualifies for U15 World Cup)
26-31 Latin American Professional Baseball Series, Barranquilla, Colómbia
29-Feb 21 KT Wiz Spring Training, Tucson, Ariz., USA
30-Feb 21 LG Twins Spring Training, Phoenix, Ariz., USA
30-Feb 22 NC Dinos Spring Training, Tucson, Ariz., USA
30-Feb 22 SK Wyverns Spring Training, Vero Beach, Fla., USA
30-Feb 23 Doosan Bears Spring Training, Sydney, Australia
30-Feb 23 Lotte Giants Spring Training, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
31-Feb 29 Nexen Heros Spring Training, Surprise, Ariz., USA
31-March 8 Kia Tigers Spring Training, Okinawa, Japan
31-March 10 Hanwha Eagles, Samsung Lions, Spring Training, Okinawa, Japan

2-6 Caribbean Series, Guadalajara, México
13-16 Under-23 Oceania Championship, Lismore, Aus. [CANCELLED]
19-Mar 6 Nexen Heros Spring Training, Tucson, Ariz., USA
20-Mar 9 Chinatrust Brothers Spring Training, Tucson, Ariz., USA
22-Mar 10 KT Wiz Spring Training, San Bernadino, Calif., USA
22-Mar 16 CPBL-KBO exhibition series
23-25 Cuba-Nicaragua Friendly Series, Managua, Nicaragua
23-Mar 10 NC Dinos Spring Training, Los Angeles, Calif., USA
24-Mar 9 LG Twins Spring Training, Phoenix, Ariz., USA
24-Mar 10 SK Wyverns Spring Training, Okinawa, Japan
24-Mar 10 Lotte Giants Spring Training, Okinawa, Japan
25-Mar 9 Doosan Bears Spring Training, Miyazaki, Japan

3-4 March, Japan-Australia friendlies, Nagoya and Osaka, Japan
3-18 Italy Training Camp, Messina, Italy; TBD NT Exhibitions vs Germany and the Czech Republic, U18 vs U23 Germany
16-18 Under-12 and Under-15 Catalunya Baseball Week, Catalonia, Spain
16-20 Under-18 Catalunya Baseball Week, Catalonia, Spain
22-26 Pan-American Qualifier for the Women’s Baseball World Cup, Dominican Republic
22-28 MLB Academies Tournament, Sant Boi, Spain
26-April 1 West Asia Cup, UAE (link)
31-April 7 PONY México Qualifiers (8 age brackets), various sites, México
TBD CPBL-KBO exhibition series

10-15 Team México International Showcase, Tijuana, México
14-21 South American Championship, Buenos Aires, Argentina (qualifier for the 2019 Pan-American Games)
17-18 Twins-Indians Series, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
19-22 PONY European Qualifiers (Under-16 and Under-14), Prague, Czech Republic
27-May 1 Palomino European Zone Championship (Under-18), Stuttgart, Germany

8-20 South American Games, Cochabamba, Bolivia
18-21 Finkstonball, Attnang-Puchheim, Austria
21-24 PONY Mustang-9 and Mustang Asia-Pacific Qualifiers, Tanauan City, Philippines
31-4 June Copa Barranquilla Capital de Vida Internacional, Colómbia

4 MLB Draft
5-9 CEB Cup (Europe), Ostrava, Czech Republic
6-10 European Champions Cup, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
11-12 Federations Cup Qualifiers, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria and Rybnik, Poland
24-29 East Asia Cup, Hong Kong
25-29 PONY Mustang-9 and Mustang Asia-Pacific Qualifiers, Okinawa, Japan
26-30 Prague Baseball Week
27-July 1 PONY Colt Caribbean Qualifier, Sincelejo, Colómbia
29-July 1 Senior European Championship Qualifier (Austria vs Lithuania), Vienna, Austria
29-July 1 Swiss Alpine Cup
TBD USA Collegiate National Team schedule, LLWS Australia Qualifier

2-6 PONY Bronco Asia-Pacific Qualifiers, Miyazaki, Japan
2-8 Under-12 European Championship, Budapest, Hungary
4-6 Czech Republic-Germany Exhibition Series, Trebic, C.R.
4-8 PONY Mustang Caribbean Qualifier, San Cristobal, D.R.
4-8 PONY Bronco Caribbean Qualifier, San Cristobal, D.R.
6-15 FISU World University Championship, Chiayi, Taiwan
9-12 Czech Republic-Taiwan Exhibition Series, Blansko and Brno, C.R.
9-15 Under-18 European Championship, Grosseto, Italy
13-22 Haarlem Honkbal Week, Haarlem, the Netherlands
15-28 Micronesian Games, Yap, Federated States of Micronesia
16-22 Under-15 European Championship Qualifier, Sisak, Croatia
19-21 PONY Pinto International Baseball Classic (Under-8), Mt. Vernon, Ill., USA
27-30 PONY Mustang-9 International World Series (Under-9), Walnut, Cal., USA
27-30 PONY Bronco-11 International World Series (Under-11), Chesterfield, Va., USA
27-30 PONY Pony-13 International World Series (Under-13), Whittier, Cal., USA
TBD LLWS Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Caribbean, Europe-Africa, Japan, Latin America, México Qualifiers, PONY Pinto, Mustang-9, Bronco-11, Pony 13, Palomino Caribbean Qualifiers, PONY Colt and Palomino Asia-Pacific Qualifiers

1-6 PONY Pony Caribbean Qualifier, Pittsburgh, Penn., USA
3-6 PONY Mustang International World Series (Under-10), Youngsville, La., USA
3-6 PONY Bronco International World Series, Los Alamitos, Cal., USA
3-8 PONY Colt International World Series, Marion, Ill., USA
3-19 Central American and Caribbean Games, Barranquilla, Colómbia
6-12 Under-23 European Championship Qualifier, Bratislava, Slovakia
10-15 PONY Pony International World Series, Washington, Pa., USA
10-19 Under-15 Baseball World Cup, Panamá
13-19 Under-12 Asian Championship, Taipei, Taiwan
16-26 Little League World Series, Williamsport, Penn., USA
19-Sep 2 Asian Games, Jakarta, Indonesia
22-31 Women’s Baseball World Cup, Viera, Fla., USA
23-29 Senior European Championship C-Pool, Dublin, Ireland
23-29 Senior European Championship C-Pool, Kropivnytsky, Ukraine
TBD LLWS Canada Qualifier, PONY Palomino International World Series, World Baseball Challenge?

3-10 Under-18 Asian Championship, Miyazaki, Japan
18-23 European Super Six
TBD Under-10 Pan-American Championship

19-28 Under-23 Baseball World Cup, Colómbia
31-Nov. 5 The World Comes to Palm Beaches International Tournament (U10-seniors)

2-11 France and South Africa friendlies in various sites, South Africa
2-11 Under-14 Pan-American Championship
23-27 Under-18 Pan-American Championship (World Cup Qualifier)

1-5 Under-10 Pan-American Championship
6-9 Caribbean Championship
14-17 Hong Kong International Baseball Open

Australia-Cuba Friendly Series, Micronesian Baseball Classic?, 2019 Pan-American Games Qualifying Tournament

Africa (ABSA): None, though Africa may send teams to the LLWS Europe-Africa Qualifier and the East African Baseball Championship might return (0)
Americas (COPABE): Latin American Professional Baseball Series, Caribbean Series, South American Championship, PONY México Qualifiers (8 age brackets), Pan-American Qualifier for the Women’s Baseball World Cup, Twins-Indians Series, South American Games, USA Collegiate National Team schedule, Central American and Caribbean Games, Under-14 Pan-American Championship, PONY México Qualifiers (9 age brackets) LLWS Caribbean, Latin America, and México Qualifiers, 2019 Pan-American Games Qualifying Tournament, LLWS Canada Qualifier, Caribbean Championship, Under-18 Pan-American Championship (World Cup Qualifier), Under-10 Pan-American Championship (34) 
Asia (BFA): CPBL-KBO exhibition series, LLWS Asia-Pacific, Japan, and Middle East Qualifiers, PONY Asia Qualifiers (6 age brackets), Under-12 Asian Championship, Asian Games, Under-18 Asian Championship, Hong Kong International Baseball Open (14)
Europe (CEB): Catalunya Baseball Week (Under-12, 15, and 18), MLB Academies Tournament, Palomino European Zone Championship, PONY European Qualifiers (Under-16 and Under-14), Finkstoneball, CEB Cup (Europe), European Champions Cup, Federations Cup Qualifiers, Swiss Alpine Cup, Prague Baseball Week, Under-12 European Championship, Under-18 European Championship, Under-15 European Championship Qualifier, Under-23 European Championship Qualifier, LLWS Europe-Africa Qualifier, Senior European Championship C-Pools, Super Six (20)
Oceania (BCO): Under-15 Oceania Championship, Micronesian Games, Micronesian Baseball Classic? (2)
Intercontinental: Japan-Australia friendlies, FISU World University Championship, Haarlem Honkbal Week, PONY Pinto International Baseball Classic, PONY Mustang-9 International World Series, PONY Mustang International World Series, PONY Bronco-11 International World Series, PONY Bronco International World Series, PONY Pony-13 International World Series, PONY Pony International World Series, PONY Colt International World Series, U-15 Baseball World Cup, Women’s Baseball World Cup, World Baseball Challenge, Under-23 Baseball World Cup, Little League World Series, France and South Africa friendlies, Australia-Cuba Friendly Series, The World Comes to Palm Beaches International Tournament (19)

Age Level
U8: PONY Pinto International Baseball Classic and Qualifiers (4)
U9: PONY Mustang-9 International World Series and Qualifiers (4)
: PONY Mustang International World Series and Qualifiers, Under-10 Pan-American Championship (5)
: PONY Bronco International World Series and Qualifiers 4)
: Catalunya Baseball Week, Under-12 Asian Championship, Under-12 European Championship, Little League World Series and Qualifiers, PONY Bronco International World Series and Qualifiers (9)
U13: PONY Pony-13 International World Series and Qualifiers (4)
U14: Under-14 Pony League European Championship, PONY Pony International World Series and Qualifiers, Under-14 Pan-American Championship (6)
U15: Catalunya Baseball Week, Under-15 Oceania Championship, Under-15 European Championship Qualifier, U-15 Baseball World Cup, PONY Colt International World Series and Qualifiers (9)
U16: PONY Colt International World Series and Qualifiers (8)
U18: Catalunya Baseball Week, MLB Academies Tournament, Palomino International World Series and Qualifiers, Under-18 Asian Championship, Under-18 European Championship, Under-18 Pan-American Championship (World Cup Qualifier) (10)
: Under-23 European Championship Qualifier, FISU World University Championship, Under-23 Baseball World Cup (3)
Senior/Mixed: Latin American Professional Baseball Series, Caribbean Series, South American Championship, Twins-Indians Series, South American Games, USA Collegiate National Team schedule, Central American and Caribbean Games, CPBL-KBO exhibition series, Asian Games, Hong Kong International Baseball Open, Finkstoneball, CEB Cup (Europe), European Champions Cup, Federations Cup Qualifiers, Swiss Alpine Cup, Prague Baseball Week, Senior European Championship C-Pools, European Super Six, Micronesian Games, Micronesian Baseball Classic?, Japan-Australia friendlies, Haarlem Honkbal Week, 2019 Pan-American Games Qualifying Tournament, Caribbean Championship, The World Comes to Palm Beaches International Tournament (25)
Women’s: Pan-American Qualifier for the Women’s Baseball World Cup, Women’s Baseball World Cup (2)

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  1. Siting2ndontheBench says:

    You forgot the playdowns(or what you wanna call it) for the Senior European Championship A-Pool between Austria and Lithuania in Vienna/Wr.Neustadt on the same weekend as the Swiss Alpine Cup.

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  3. Unfortunately looks like there will be no baseball in Cochabamba. Thanks for the great list! https://www.cochabamba2018.bo/listadeportes/

    • Thanks for the updates. Been tracking whether they would pull it as I was surprised that it was originally under consideration as Bolivia is one of four South American countries that does not have a domestic league (French Guiana, Paraguay, Suriname).

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