Central American Games Standings: Day 3

Day 1 Results
11 a.m. Guatemala 10 – Honduras 3 (Box)
3 p.m. Panama 11 – Costa Rica 1 (B0x)
7:30 p.m. Nicaragua 8 – El Salvador 2 (B0x)
HR, Elmer Reyes (Video)

Day 2 Results
11 a.m. Panamá 10 – Honduras 0 (7) (B0x)
W, Davis Romero; L, David García
3 p.m. Costa Rica 2 – El Salvador 2 (B0x)
W, Marcelo Parker; L, Rubén Roja; SV, Jhonny Bautista
7:30 p.m. Nicaragua 10 – Guatemala 8 (B0x)
W, Pedro Torres; L, Hans Werner; SV, Armando Ruiz

Day 3 Results
1:30 p.m. Costa Rica 10 – Guatemala 13 (10) (Box)
W, Hans Werner; L, Cristhiam López
HR, Byron Palma
3 p.m. Panama 7 – El Salvador 5
W, Omar Guzman; L, Bernardo Moreno
7:30 p.m. Nicaragua 15 – Honduras 0 (5)
W, Leonardo Crawford (5IP, 2H, 0R, 2BB, 8K; brief scouting report here); L, Luís Salinas
HR, Cheslor Cuthbert (The first grand slam ever at Dennis Martínez Stadium. Video.)

Day 4 Schedule
11 a.m. Guatemala – El Salvador
3 p.m. Honduras – Costa Rica
7:30 p.m. Nicaragua – Panama (Live stream posted later here.)

Standings with Current World Rankings:
No. 13 Nicaragua (3-0)
No. 15 Panamá (3-0)
No. 39 Guatemala (2-1)
No. 72T El Salvador (1-2)
No. 65 Honduras (0-3)
No. 72T Costa Rica (0-3)

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Box scores courtesy of @Rbeisbolera.


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