Central American Games: Nicaragua vs Guatemala Preview

Nicaragua Lineup

  1. Ismael Munguia CF
  2. Darrel Campbell DH
  3. Ofilio Castro 1B
  4. Cheslor Cuthbert 3B
  5. Elmer Reyes 2B
  6. Renato Morales RF
  7. Dwight Britton LF
  8. Janior Montes C
  9. Omar Obregón SS
    Carlos Teller P

Nicaragua is tossing southpaw Carlos Teller, who has played at five minor league levels, three winter leagues, indy ball, and the Mexican League in a 13-year career.

Cuthbert a former top prospect for the Royals, still only 25. López a former big leaguer with some nice seasons in relief for the Astros. All but Montes have seen time in the minors.

The big name to watch, though, is Munguía, only 18, but played in AZL for the Giants. Hit 331/.398/.458 with superb plate discipline (47 BB, 33K in 437 career PA). More a corner OF, though.

Guatemala Lineup

  1. Fabian Vizcaino C
  2. Andrés Aguilar 2B
  3. Manuel Hernandez CF
  4. Pablo Custodio DH
  5. Juan Montes RF
  6. Oscar Vera 3B
  7. Guillermo Valdez 1B
  8. Fernando Ozuna SS
  9. Gabriel Montenegro LF
    Alejandro Amezquita P

Guatemala’s lineup has former players with professional experience (1, 2, 3, and 5), with Juan Montes the only current player, though 2017 was his fourth year in the DSL for the Orioles. Great plate discipline (.360 OBP) and speed (41 SB in 170 G), but not much else. Guatemala has zero pitchers with U.S. (or top winter league, even) professional experience and none of the coaches played either.

Live feed (link).

Central American Games Results
Day 1
11 a.m. Guatemala 10 – Honduras 3
3 p.m. Panama 11 – Costa Rica 1
7:30 p.m. Nicaragua 8 – El Salvador 2

Day 2
11 a.m. Panamá 10 – Honduras 0 (7)
3 p.m. Costa Rica 2 – El Salvador 2
7:30 p.m. Nicaragua – Guatemala


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