The Week in International Baseball (1-14 November)

As the Houston Astros celebrated their first World Series championship, the rest of the world played plenty of baseball.

We spoke with the Mets’ Blake Taylor about his time with Great Britain in the WBC qualifiers and his 2017 season (link).

The Under-15 Asian Championship started on 2 November and we offered daily updates: Day 1 (tweet), Day 2 (tweet), Day 3 (tweet), Day 4 (tweet), and Day 5 (tweet), before revealing the final standings:

We followed with a thread of tweets wrapping up the Asian Championship (tweets). Japan and Taiwan qualified for the 2018 Under-15 World Cup as a result (tweet).

Meanwhile, preparations for the Under-23 Pan-American Championship were underway and we broke new of Isan Díaz, a top prospect for Milwaukee, joining Puerto Rico (tweet).

News that the East African Baseball Championship would actually happen was shared by our colleagues @theroonba (tweet).

Leonardo Seminati, the latest prospect to sign from Italy, spoke about baseball on Italian national television (tweet).

Andrelton Simmons won a gold glove, giving us a chance to share again his thoughts on baseball in Curaçao (link). Earlier in the month, fellow star for the Netherlands, Rick Van den Hurk, won an NPB title with the SoftBank Hawks (tweet).

New Zealand was offered a place in the Australian Baseball League and a team could take the field as soon as 2018 (link).

We shared a schedule for the U23 Pan-American Tournament:

Our next series will look to the Bolivarian Games and the Pan-American World Cup qualifier as international baseball takes the stage with the conclusion of the MLB season.

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Extra Innings UK covers baseball around the world, focussing on the sport at the national team level, with features on prominent players, scouting reports, and occasional breaking news. We are fully credentialled by MLB and have covered the World Baseball Classic, continental championships, and the U.S. minor leagues.
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