Rosario: Championship Game is ‘Everything’ for Puerto Rico

LOS ANGELES – Eddie Rosario is only 25 years old, but has already played two years in the big leagues for the Twins and is playing in his second World Baseball Classic, this time as the starting rightfielder. Rosario is hitting .353 with two doubles, a triple, and a pair of stolen bases, and delivered the game-winning fly ball that sent Puerto Rico to the championship game of the WBC.

We spoke with him after the extra-inning thriller versus the Netherlands about the Classic and the importance of the game for the island of Puerto Rico.

Gabriel Fidler: You were talking in San Diego about how from the last Classic to this one how much different you feel. You stepped onto an even bigger stage than San Diego tonight. Can you talk about how felt?
Eddie Rosario: It felt different from when I played the first one [WBC]. I don’t play too much, I was too young a guy. Now I’ve played major leagues the last two years and it feels different when you play everyday. You play the big moment, the big thing and every day is different.

GF: You’ve had a huge throw, you’ve had a big hit, you’ve had the game-winning sacrifice fly. Could you have dreamed this better when you were a little kid?
ER: No, but my right it is my dream. When I was a little kid, I wanted to play in this World Classic. I feel great.

GF: What are you hoping for the championship game?
ER: Everything! It is everything for Puerto Rico, for me, for my family, for my teammates.

GF: What do you think it will mean, specifically, for those fans back home?
ER: Everybody is excited to see the champions, to see Puerto Rico is everything for everybody.
GF: How do you think it will help baseball grow back home?
ER: Yeah, for the little guys back home, it will.

GF: Eddie, congratulations on a great game and good luck in the championship.
ER: Thank you.


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