GB Prospect Watch as Younger Chisholm Signs

Photo Credit: Jazz Chisholm, Instagram

In a move yet to be reported by the Diamondbacks, the younger brother of Great Britain’s Jazz Chisholm has also signed with Arizona. Dominique, or ‘Deejay’, inked a professional contract with his big brother’s organisation.

Jazz announced the move via his Instagram, commenting, “Really proud of you!! We all knew that we would be playing professional baseball, but didn’t expect to be on the same team.”

“I think I’m more excited than you are right now,” continued the proud elder Chisholm. “Being able to play with your lil brother in little league is amazing and now Professional baseball.”

I asked Jazz whether he thought he about teaming up with Deejay for the 2021 World Baseball Classic qualifiers, and he replied, “for sure”!

The elder Chisholm was electric in his debut for Great Britain during the World Baseball Classic Qualifier in Brooklyn last September, excelling in all facets of the game. Chisholm played SS and displayed sensational range, making several huge plays in the left-side hole. At the plate, he hit .294 against much more experienced pitching, and added a team-leading two stolen bases in four bases.


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