Italian Baseball Federation (FIBS) Map

We’ve put together a handy map of the Italian Baseball Federation, with each of the four levels coded into a different colour. Please inform us of any additions or other relevant information.


About Gabriel Fidler

Card Sharp is devoted to my chief indoor hobby-baseball (and occasionally football [that's soccer to you Americans], hockey, American football, and basketball) card collecting.
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3 Responses to Italian Baseball Federation (FIBS) Map

  1. fred johnson says:

    I admit that I’m a technosaur, so I may be missing the obvious altogether. But which colors represent which level?

  2. fred johnson says:

    OK….. help the internet illiterate. I still do not see the glossary which tells me, “green means [I assume the national league]…. blue means….. red means…. yellow means…

    I’m sure we’ll all have a good laugh at my expense when you point out where it is. But, truly, I cannot find it!



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