Advice for Watching Baseball in China

The 2011 East Asian Games website had some helpful advice for those watching baseball:

Baseball is an outdoor ball game which needs to offend and defend each other. The goal of both sides is to win more scores than the other. The audience had better know about baseball game basic rules before watching the game to find the interesting and exciting place.

Like other intensive ball games, audience of watching baseball game may be quite enthusiastic, but must control this enthusiasm into a rational way. The audience can organize cheerleaders for their favorite team hype, but need to control to a good sense of rhythm, and had better not blindly cried and yelling. The moment of hitting is the most nervous, at that time athletes focused all the attention at this moment, therefore, had better not make noise. The audiences can heartily applause after hitting ball. The rising of the audience mood will help to infect athletes to let them play best. The cheers will be on top if appears wonderful home run.


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Card Sharp is devoted to my chief indoor hobby-baseball (and occasionally football [that's soccer to you Americans], hockey, American football, and basketball) card collecting.
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