Extra Innings’ 2013 World Baseball Classic Power Rankings (Mar. 11)

Just one game today, but it was a huge one, with Netherlands walking off against Cuba. Check previous editions here and look for an updated chart tomorrow with three games!

  1. Japan (4-1): Japan looking like the team to beat out of the Asian pools.
  2. Dominican Republic (3-0): Gets to face Italy in its first game of the second round, licks lips in anticipation.
  3. Netherlands (4-2): Has a history of beating Cuba in big games and adds another massive win to the list and qualifies for the final. Not the third-best team, but somehow getting the job done.
  4. Cuba (4-2): Could not finish off the Dutch despite setting several hitting records, ruining a very good chance at another world title.
  5. USA (2-1): The Americans have a tough draw against Puerto Rico in round two, but welcome Gio González.
  6. Puerto Rico (2-1): A matchup with the U.S. is a must-watch.
  7. Italy (2-1): A well-rested Italian team will have to keep their run together against the mighty Dominicans.
  8. Chinese Taipei (2-3): Taiwan could easily be two spots lower, but keep their ranking because they advanced.
  9. Canada (1-2): Certainly has the talent, but the pitching staff did not give them much of a chance.
  10. Mexico (1-2): Has to qualify for 2017. How easy will MLB make their bracket? South Africa, a European team, and who else?
  11. Korea (2-1): Still smarting from their tiebreaker elimination.
  12. Venezuela (1-2): Well, they won a game and Cabrera hit a home run. Not much else to say.
  13. Spain (0-3): Looked very solid, and it’s a pity the team was really a Caribbean team with a token Spaniard.
  14. Brazil (0-3): Came awfully close to going 3-0, but bullpen did not have the depth.
  15. Australia (0-3): Very poor showing for a ragtag group of minor leaguers with international experience.
  16. China (1-2): Could not hit at all (.146 average) and only had a couple serviceable arms, but got really lucky.

How would you rank the teams?


About Gabriel Fidler

Extra Innings UK covers baseball around the world, focussing on the sport at the national team level, with features on prominent players, scouting reports, and occasional breaking news. We are fully credentialled by MLB and have covered the World Baseball Classic, continental championships, and the U.S. minor leagues.
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