Extra Innings’ 2013 World Baseball Classic Power Rankings (Mar. 10)

These rankings are purely subjective and reflect Extra Innings’ thoughts. Check previous editions here and look for an updated chart tomorrow!

  1. Cuba (4-1): Earns a day of rest before facing the Dutch and will be hungry for vengeance.
  2. Dominican Republic (3-0): Clearly a favourite after sweeping a brutal Pool C.
  3. Japan (4-1): Has one game left in the second round, but has already qualified for the semis.
  4. USA (2-1): Seems to have finally found their groove against Canada and should be firing on all cylinders in round two.
  5. Netherlands (3-2): Honkbal magic might have run out with a showdown with Cuba looming.
  6. Puerto Rico (2-1): Three very close games would seem to indicate they have a balanced club.
  7. Italy (2-1): An even bigger surprise than the Dutch, Italy crushed Canada and beat México’s Sergio Romo in the ninth.
  8. Chinese Taipei (2-3): Unlucky versus Japan and fell apart against Cuba. Hard to tell how good they could be.
  9. Canada (1-2): Certainly has the talent, but the pitching staff did not give them much of a chance.
  10. Mexico (1-2): Eliminated, and probably will need to qualify, which is a huge upset and not deserved for a team that looked dominant at times.
  11. Korea (2-1): Still smarting from their tiebreaker elimination.
  12. Venezuela (1-2): Easily the biggest disappointment of the WBC. Where are those bats?
  13. Spain (0-3): Looked very solid, and it’s a pity the team was really a Caribbean team with a token Spaniard.
  14. Brazil (0-3): Came awfully close to going 3-0, but bullpen did not have the depth.
  15. Australia (0-3): Very poor showing for a ragtag group of minor leaguers with international experience.
  16. China (1-2): Could not hit at all (.146 average) and only had a couple serviceable arms, but got really lucky.

How would you rank the teams?


About Gabriel Fidler

Extra Innings UK covers baseball around the world, focussing on the sport at the national team level, with features on prominent players, scouting reports, and occasional breaking news. We are fully credentialled by MLB and have covered the World Baseball Classic, continental championships, and the U.S. minor leagues.
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