2013 World Baseball Classic Predictions

Here are my predictions for the 2013 World Baseball Classic. The toughest guesses were Pool B (where the Netherlands could advance instead over Chinese Taipei or Korea) and the final two rounds (where I could see any of the four teams winning).

Pool A
Cuba 3-0
Japan 2-1
Brazil 1-2
China 0-3

Pool B
Korea 2-1
Chinese Taipei 2-1
Netherlands 2-1
Australia 0-3

Pool C
Venezuela 3-0
Dominican Republic 2-1
Puerto Rico 2-1
Spain 0-3

Pool D
USA 3-0
Mexico 2-1
Canada 1-2
Italy 0-3

Pool 1
Cuba 3-0
Japan 1-2
Korea 1-2
Chinese Taipei 1-2

Pool 2
USA 3-0
Venezuela 2-1
Dominican Republic 1-2
Mexico 0-3

Cuba over Venezuela
USA over Japan

USA over Cuba


About Gabriel Fidler

Card Sharp is devoted to my chief indoor hobby-baseball (and occasionally football [that's soccer to you Americans], hockey, American football, and basketball) card collecting.
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