DAILY TIMES: King’s Academy Graduate Making Mark as International Baseball Coach

Danube Cup BaseballOur Managing Editor, Gabriel Fidler, was featured in an American newspaper over the weekend. The Daily Times spoke with him about the start to his career at The King’s Acadmey and Lee University, through to the creation of this website in 2013, his foundation with Will Zucker of Durham University Baseball in 2016, and his recent move into international coaching with the Hungarian Baseball Federation. Enjoy hearing about his 16-year hitless streak, learning to cheer in Hungarian, and his favourite moments in baseball [Link].

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Danube Cup History | A Duna Kupa Története História | Dunajského Pohára | Donau Cup

A long-standing tradition in Central Europe is the Danube Cup, a multidisciplinary sporting competition founded in 1990 to promote peace among countries formerly separated by the Iron Curtain. Baseball (and softball) was proposed as a sport in 1995, though issues with the Slovak Federation meant that the first edition of the tournament would be in 1996 at Szentendre Sleepwalkers’ field, just north of Budapest. Since then, Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia have faced off in a round robin contest almost every year, often meeting on May 1, which coincides with Labour Day in each country. We dove deep into the Hungarian Baseball Federations (MÖBSSZ)’s annual reports through the Internet Wayback Machine to present a full history below.

The tournament has been contested in 23 of 24 years, with the only cancellation in 1999. Slovakia has been the clear winner, taking home 10 titles, with Austria close behind at eight. In 2006, the lack of one score makes it impossible to decide whether Hungary or Slovakia would take the crown. Regardless, Slovakia has been the clear favourite in the competition, going 27-13 as a senior national team (27-16 overall).

In the last decade, it has become more frequent for countries to send their Under-23 (formerly Under-21) teams. Since that change, the balance has shifted to Austria, the U23 team of which has won three of the last four Cups. In fact, Austria has won 4-of-6 since 2013, signalling a clear shift in the balance of power. In total, with the exception of the one missing game, Austria’s various teams now has the same number of wins as Slovakia with only two more losses.

Below are the results of every Danube Cup game known, with only a single result and five other scores missing. Appended are the all-time standings, including head-to-head performances of the three nations and their various teams. A record book concludes this archive, with a 27-run outburst by Slovakia in the 2019 edition (against a Hungarian team with an average age of around 15 years younger!) the all-time high score, though a 2000 match totalled 34 runs between the winner and loser.

Should the Danube Cup be contested in 2020, it would mark the 25th Anniversary of the first baseball tournament. On at least three occasions, the event has been played at the end of summer, so perhaps Austria will extend its winning streak before 2021. For more on the 2019 tournament, our full coverage is here [link].

If you are aware of the missing score from 1998, 2006, or 2007, please do get in touch.

1996 Danube Cup
May 25-26 (Szentendre)
Hungary 9 – Austria 7
Szentendre Sleepwalkers 11 – Austria 9

1997 Danube Cup
May 17-18 (Stockerau)
Austria 8 – Hungary 3
Slovakia 15 – Hungary 2
Slovakia 11 – Austria 3

1998 Danube Cup
May 30-31 (Trnava)
Austria W – Slovakia
Austria W – Hungary
Slovakia W – Hungary

1999 Danube Cup
MOBSSZ’ Annual report said it was postponed “due to the termination of the OTSH”.

2000 Danube Cup
July 8 (Nagykanizsa)
Hungary 11 – Austria 23
Hungary 2 – Slovakia 8

July 9 (Nagykanizsa)
Slovakia 7 – Austria 4

2001 Danube Cup
Hungary 12 – Slovakia 10 (12)
Hungary 9 – Austria 2
Austria 19 – Slovakia 7

2002 Danube Cup
May 18 (Trnava)
Hungary 3 – Austria 9

May 19 (Trnava)
Austria 6 – Slovakia 7
Slovakia 10 – Hungary 1

2003 Danube Cup
Hungary 22 – Slovakia 0
Hungary 12 – Austria 7
Austria 11 – Slovakia 9

2004 Danube Cup
May 29
Slovakia 8 – Hungary 3

May 30
Hungary 7 – Austria 4
Austria 0 – Slovakia 9

2005 Danube Cup
May 14 (Vienna)
Slovakia 14 – Hungary 1

May 15
Hungary 7 – Austria 17
Austria 6 – Slovakia 13

2006 Danube Cup
Oct. 21.(Szentendre)
Austria U21 3 – Slovakia U21 2
Hungary 7 – Austria U21 6 (7 inns.)
Hungary – Slovakia U21 ??
Hungarian team mostly U21.

2007 Danube Cup
May 26-27 (Hungary)
Slovakia W – Hungary
Austria W – Slovakia
Austria 20 – Hungary 0 (5)

2008 Danube Cup
Slovakia 5 – Austria 2
Austria 5 – Hungary 4 (10)
Hungary 0 – Slovakia 10 (7)

2009 Danube Cup
August 30 (Vienna)
Hungary 5 – Austria 17
Slovakia 10 – Hungary 9
Austria 4 – Slovakia 2

2010 Danube Cup
August 29 (Jánossomorja)
Hungary 1 – Slovakia 13
Slovakia 9 – Austria U21 4
Austria U21 12 – Hungary 0

2011 Danube Cup
June 11 (Pezinok, Slovakia)
Slovakia 11 – Austria 3
Slovakia 6 – Hungary 5
Austria 0 – Hungary 10

2012 Danube Cup
May 1 (Vienna)
Hungary 3 – Austria U21 10
Slovakia 6 – Hungary 5
Austria U21 1 – Slovakia 8

2013 Danube Cup
Scheduled for May 1 in Hungary, but appears to have been contested by only Austria and Slovakia.
May 6
Slovakia 6 – Austria 10
Austria 9 – Slovakia 6

2014 Danube Cup
June 7 (Budapest)
Austria U-21 11-10 Slovakia U-21
Hungary 4-2 Austria U-21
Hungary 18-3 Slovakia U-21 (5 innings)

2015 Danube Cup
June 27 (Rohrbach)
Austria 9-2 Slovakia
Slovakia 8-2 Hungary
Austria 19-4 Hungary (5 innings)

2016 Danube Cup
Sep. 17 (Budapest)
Hungary 1-8 Slovakia
Austria U-23 6-4 Slovakia
Hungary 2-12 Austria U-23 (7 innings)

2017 Danube Cup
May 1 (Bratislava)
Slovakia 7-5 Austria U-23
Hungary 5-4 Austria U-23
Slovakia 15-1 Hungary (7 innings)

2018 Danube Cup
May 1 (Wiener Neustadt)
Austria U-23 7-6 Slovakia
Slovakia 17-7 Hungary (7 innings)
Austria U-23 21-5 Hungary (5 innings)

2019 Danube Cup
May 1 (Jánossomorja)
Slovakia 27 – Hungary U18 0
Austria U23 19 – Slovakia 8
Austria U23 14 – Hungary U18 1

Danube Cup Record Book
Most appearances: 19, Hungarian senior national team
Most titles: 10, Slovakia senior national team
Most wins: 27, Slovakia senior national team (Austria’s SNT, U21, and U23 combine for 27)
Most losses: 29, Hungary senior national team
Most consecutive wins: Austria: 3 (2008-09), Austria U23: 4 (2018-present), Hungary: 2 (2001, 2003, 2014), Slovakia: 6 (2010-12)
Most consecutive losses: Austria: 4 (2011-13), Hungary: 4 (1998-2000), Slovakia: 3 (2013-15)
Most runs in a game, winner: 27, Slovakia (2019)
Most runs in a game, loser: 10, Slovakia U21 (2014)
Most runs in a game, combined: 34, Austria 23 – Hungary 11 (2000)
Largest margin of victory: Slovakia 27 – Hungary U18 (2019) [Between senior national teams: Hungary 22, Slovakia 0 (2003)

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1982 World’s Fair Baseball Camp and the Under-18 World Championship

One of the most frustrating omissions from international baseball records has been the results of the 1982 Knoxville World’s Fair Camp baseball tournament. The tournament is considered to be the second Under-18 World Championship, but nothing more has been found other than the number of teams (four) and the medals: USA, Japan, and Australia. After a fair few minutes’ digging, we successfully uncovered the results, in Japanese, of the World’s Fair, missing only the score of bronze medal game. We present below, for the first time ever, the complete results of the Knoxville World’s Fair where, astonishingly, our Managing Editor has actually competed on the same turf as this tournament!

II U18 World Championship (World’s Fair Baseball Camp)
Knoxville, Tenn.
June 23-26, 1982

Age limit was Under-19.

June 23
Australia 0 – Japan 14
Japan 6 – USA 5
USA 11 – Mexico 0
Australia 9 – Mexico 1

June 24
Japan 13 – Australia 1
Mexico 2 – Japan 3
USA 12 – Mexico 0
USA 14 – Australia 6

June 25
Japan 13 – Mexico 3
USA 8 – Japan 4
USA 6 – Australia 4
Mexico 8 – Australia 7

June 26
Third: Australia W – Mexico
Final: USA 10 – Japan 4

Standings              W-L       RF          RA
USA                       6-1          66           24
Japan                    5-2          63           29
Australia               2-5          27           50
Mexico                   1-6          14           55

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U12 Euros Cancelled, Other European Baseball Tournaments Postponed

©Playo TV

ZAGREB, April 13th, 2020 – The Confederation of European Baseball (CEB) has announced today the cancellation of the 2020 U-12 European Baseball Championship and the U-12 EBC Qualifier due to the ongoing spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Executive Committee took its decision after consulting the LOCs and the National Federations while keeping in mind that health of athletes, officials and all members of the European baseball-softball community must be put above everything else.

The U-12 EBC & U-12 EBC Qualifier were scheduled in Mortsel, Belgium from July 7 to 11, 2020.

As a result of the cancellation, the 2021 U-12 EBC will serve as a qualifier for the 2021 WBSC U-12 Baseball World Cup.

Other decisions taken by the CEB EC include:

  • Postponement of the U-18 European Baseball Championship to September/October
  • Postponement of the European Baseball Championship B-Pools to September/October

No decision has been taken yet regarding the U-15 EBC Qualifiers & U-23 EBC Qualifiers.

CEB is closely monitoring the situation with WBSC and the Executive Committee will meet again in the coming weeks to review the situation and make a decision of postponing or cancelling the above mentioned events.


The full list of European tournaments scheduled for 2020 can be found here [link]. Currently, the Under-15 Euros Qualifier pools are scheduled for July 21-26 , while the C-Pool is tabbed for July 28-Aug. 1 and the Under-23 Euros Qualifiers for Aug. 10-15. This year will make only the second time since 1992 that there will be no European Championship, with 2018 the only other occasion.

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Host Cities, New Dates Revealed for U23 World Cup

Mexican Pacific League (LMP) baseball stadiums in Ciudad Obregon and Los Mochis to serve as the venues. New competition dates: 30 September – 9 October.

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — 26 March 2020 — The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) today announced that the Mexican cities of Ciudad Obregon and Los Mochis have been awarded the hosting rights of the WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup® 2020, which will now be played from Wednesday, 30 September, to Friday, 9 October.

The III U-23 Baseball World Cup will be staged at the 16,000-seat Estadio Yaquis, which opened in 2016 and is home of the Yaquis de Obregon of the Mexican Pacific League (LMP), and the recently renovated Estadio Emilio Ibarra Almada, home of the LMP’s Cañeros de Los Mochis. Estadio Yaquis will serve as the main venue, also hosting the Super Round and Finals.

All 12 qualified teams competing for baseball’s world title in the U-23 category have been confirmed:

  • Africa(1): No. 24 South Africa
  • Americas (4): No. 5 Mexico (host, defending World Champion), No. 7 Cuba, No. 8 Venezuela, No. 15 Nicaragua
  • Asia (3): No. 1 Japan, No. 4 Chinese Taipei and No. 22 China
  • Europe (2): No. 16 Czech Republic and No. 19 Germany
  • Oceania (1): No. 39 New Zealand
  • Wild Card (1): No. 3 Korea

From the Americas, Mexico, as host nation, received an automatic entry into the U-23 World Cup and will be joined by the top three finishers from the recent continental qualifier, Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela.

The Czech Republic and Germany emerged out of the U-23 European Baseball Championship that was held last August in Prague, with the ‘home’ team finishing first.

Chinese Taipei, Japan and China qualified for the U-23 World Cup as the top three teams of the Asian Baseball Championship last October, while fourth-place finisher Korea was subsequently awarded a wild card.

New Zealand earned the right to represent Oceania after rival Australia withdrew from their qualifying series.

South Africa claimed Africa’s spot in the U-23 World Cup as the continent’s highest-ranked National Team in the WBSC Baseball World Rankings.

Birth of the U-23 Baseball World Cup
The WBSC launched the U-21 Baseball World Cup in November 2014, which saw Chinese Taipei beat Japan in the final on home turf in Taichung, while Korea won the third-place game against Nicaragua.

The U-21 global competition expanded into the U-23 Baseball World Cup in 2016 in Monterrey and Saltillo Mexico. Japan defeated Australia in the final, while Korea beat Panama to win the bronze medal.

Mexico won the second edition of the U-23 Baseball World Cup, which was held in Barranquilla, Colombia, in October 2018. It was the first-ever official baseball world title for Mexico, after the nation defeated Japan in 10 innings in the final, while Venezuela topped Korea to finish third.

Previous U-23 Baseball World Cups have included the top young professional players from clubs affiliated to the Australian Baseball League (ABL), Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL), Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), Major League Baseball (MLB), Mexican Baseball League (LMB), Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League, Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), in addition to other leagues around the world.

Press release by WBSC.

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Final Olympic, Americas Baseball Qualifiers Postponed Indefinitely

New dates for the WBSC Americas Qualifier and the Final Qualifier will be announced in due time.

LAUSANNE, Switzerland—The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) today announced the postponement of the WBSC Baseball Final Qualification Event for the Games of the XXXII Olympiad Tokyo 2020, which was scheduled to take place in Taichung and Douliu, TPE, from 17-21 June, due to the ongoing spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Following consultations with medical and governmental authorities and the host Chinese Taipei Baseball Association (CTBA) and the Chinese (Taipei) Professional Baseball League (CPBL), the WBSC Executive Board, in its meeting via video conference on Tuesday, confirmed the decision to postpone the Final Qualifier.

Both the WBSC Americas Qualifier and the subsequent Final Qualifier will be rescheduled for a date yet to be determined.

Earlier this month, the WBSC Baseball Final Qualification Event was postponed from 1-5 April to 17-21 June due to player, personnel and spectator health and safety measures against the spread of the coronavirus and considering the continued spread of the outbreak and information provided by the World Health Organisation, the WBSC Executive Board confirmed the postponement in the interest of the safety and well-being of all participants.

The six teams set to compete in the WBSC Baseball Final Qualifier include host Chinese Taipei, Australia, China, the Netherlands and the second- and third-place finishers from the WBSC Americas Baseball Qualifier.

The winner of the Final qualifier will earn the sixth and final berth into the Tokyo 2020 Olympic baseball tournament.

Four nations have already qualified for baseball at the 2020 Olympics: host Japan, Israel, Korea and Mexico.

Press release, WBSC.

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Olympic Baseball, Softball, Tokyo 2020 Games postponed to 2021

LAUSANNE, Switzerland—The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) welcomed the difficult joint decision today of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee and Japan Prime Minister Abe Shinzo to postpone the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 to a date no later than the summer of 2021.

The IOC stated that the Tokyo 2020 Games will be rescheduled to a date beyond 2020 but not later than summer 2021, to safeguard the health of the athletes, everybody involved in the Olympic Games and the international community.

Said WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari: “The WBSC welcomes and fully supports the joint decision taken by the IOC, Tokyo 2020 and Japan Prime Minister Abe Shinzo to postpone the start of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“While the postponement is heartbreaking for athletes — and our baseball and softball players — around the world, the ‘Tokyo 2020’ Games in 2021 can be a symbol of global recovery and solidarity, and be one of the greatest worldwide celebrations and most anticipated moments in the history of sport.

“The WBSC stands in solidarity with the Olympic Movement during this difficult time and will work closely with the IOC to manage the completion of the Olympic qualification process for baseball, which now has more time to be conducted, providing an equal opportunity for the teams and their players.”

Baseball and softball will be making their first Olympic appearance since the 2008 Beijing Games, and are expected to be one of the top attractions of the Games in Japan, where baseball/softball is the most popular sport.

Baseball/Softball’s Road Back to the Games
Softball has completed the Tokyo 2020 Olympic qualification process. The six-team tournament will feature host nation Japan, USA (the 2018 WBSC World Champions), Italy (winner of the Europe/Africa Qualifier), Mexico, Canada (winner and runner-up of the Americas Qualifier) and Australia (winner of the Asia/Oceania Qualifier).

Four of six teams have qualified for the Olympic baseball event at Tokyo 2020, including host Japan, Israel (the winner of the Europe/Africa Qualifier), Korea and Mexico (through the WBSC Premier12 2019). The remaining two teams will advance to the Games through the Americas Qualifier and the Final Qualifier.

The eight-team Americas Baseball Qualifier was scheduled from 22 to 26 March and has been postponed. The Final Qualifier, originally scheduled in early April, has been currently postponed to June. It must however take place following the Americas Qualifier. The second- and third-place finishers of the Americas Qualifier will join Chinese Taipei, Australia, China and the Netherlands in the Final qualifier.

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Baseball5 Archive: World Rankings, Record Book, and More

This week, we have taken a further step in codifying the history of the world’s newest ball sport, baseball5. A total of six tournaments with mixed national teams—considered to be baseball5’s default format—have been contested and each event is now profiled on our site. These articles included full results, tables, event format, and records set. We conclude our week highlighting baseball5 with the release of our updated record book, all-time statistics, head-to-head results, and the first baseball5 world ranking, courtesy of The Roon Ba.

Baseball5’s Only Record Book Expanded and Updated
After the European Baseball5 Championship, we published our first record book, which we have since expanded significantly. A few results were changed, as well, as more information about the Americas Baseball5 Open emerged thanks to The Roon Ba (“The Round Ball” in Scots Gaelic). The new Baseball5 Record Book contains events, game, and team records, including everything from most wins ever (Cuba) to highest percentage of shutout wins among games played (France) and may records in-between. A total of 13 different countries hold world records, with Cuba the unsurprising leader with 13 records. Belarus and Bulgaria play their part in four world records as does Guatemala, though its marks are not enviable.

The First Baseball5 Team Statistics
We have compiled team statistics from all six tournaments and merged them into a single database. Curious how many runs Israel scores per game? Or how about per five-inning regulation contest? Who plays the longest games, on average? Who has the best defence? What about the worst run differential? Scan the stats below!

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Baseball5 Archive: 2020 Balkan Open

As the only media organisation that regularly covers baseball5, we have spent a lot of time creating an archive of baseball5 events, information, and even the sport’s only record book. The recently completed Baseball5 European Championship is one of six baseball5 tournaments that have included mixed national teams, but the results of several have been scattered across a variety of websites. This week, we will profile the sport’s five previous tournaments to ensure these records from the early days of baseball5’s history are not lost.

The Balkan Open made history in 2020 as the first baseball5 tournament to return for a second edition. Although various sources have hinted that the Americas Open will return in 2020, Bulgaria’s initiative means it will retain this plaudit for now. The host nation claimed the title once more, with Romania yet again falling just short. Moldova took the Czech Republic’s place and nearly knocked off Serbia for the bronze.

The event took baseball5’s maxim of ‘Play Everywhere’ seriously, hosted the event in a shopping mall, making it the first indoor tournament as well. The tourney tied one word record: Most Runs in a Loss (Serbia 11 – Moldova 10) and set multiple European records, including highest-scoring game (Serbia 11 – Moldova 10) and most runs in a game (one team): Serbia 18 – Moldova 3.

Make sure to read our big latest update on baseball5, which includes the only world rankings, the first-ever team statistics, an expanded record book, and updated head-to-head results [link]. 

If the topic interests you, the following articles are worth checking out:
2020 Baseball5 Calendar [Link]
History of Baseball5 [Link]
Baseball5 Record Book, Edition 1.0 [Link]

The full list of international tournaments:
2018 Balkan Baseball5 Open [Link]
2018 Rome Baseball5 Open [Link]
2018 Havana Baseball5 Tournament [Link]
2019 Americas Baseball5 Open [Link]
2020 Baseball5 Euros [Link]
Baseball5 All-Time Head-to-Head Results [Link]

II Baseball5 Balkan Open
Sofia, Bulgaria
19 Feburary 2020

Group Play
Serbia-Bulgaria 0-7
Romania-Moldova 3-0
Bulgaria-Moldova 8-0
Serbia-Romania 5-1
Bulgaria-Romania 5-8
Moldova-Serbia 3-18

Bronze: Serbia 11 – Moldova 10
Gold (Best of three):
Bulgaria 3 – Romania 1
Bulgaria 4 – Romania 1

Final Standings
Team                    W-L       RF          RA
Bulgaria                4-1          27           10
Romania              2-3          14           17
Serbia                   3-1          34           21
Moldova              0-4          13           40

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Baseball5 Archive: 2019 Americas Open

As the only media organisation that regularly covers baseball5, we have spent a lot of time creating an archive of baseball5 events, information, and even the sport’s only record book. The recently completed Baseball5 European Championship is one of six baseball5 tournaments that have included mixed national teams, but the results of several have been scattered across a variety of websites. This week, we will profile the sport’s five previous tournaments to ensure these records from the early days of baseball5’s history are not lost.

The Americas Open was the first baseball5 tournament ever held in South America, with Cartagena, Colombia playing host. Four national teams made their debuts in the event, including Colombia, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. At the time, the five nations competing and 48 games played were world records for a mixed international baseball5 tournament.

Cuba came in as heavy favourites, having already won two tournaments in the preceeding seven months, but it was Venezuela that looked like the team to beat after three days. Cuba and Colombia were also in the running, though the hosts faded after a 6-2 start.

The tournament format was unique, but likely served as an influence on the setup of the Baseball5 Euros. Round One was a round robin, with each team playing a best-of-three series against each otherin which the series’ winner earned a single ‘win’ (similar to the NCAA approach to doubles’ tennis). Round Two was labelled the ‘Sprint Round’, with each team playing two single games against each other. The combined ‘wins’ were used to qualify teams to the medal series.

In the end, Cuba took on Venezuela in a best-of-three championship. Venezuela had dropped only three of 14 games, while Cuba was 10-4, but Los Antilleños dispatched Venezuela 12-7 and 11-1. Colombia took bronze from Puerto Rico, but scores are unknown from the two-game sweep.

The tournament did not have an official webpage and results were not published in any single source. Reconstructing even the schedule took several hours, with more than a dozen sources consulted before we came up with the winners and about half of the scores. Alas, the host nation failed to publicise any of the results and a third of Colombia’s scores are missing.

Fortunately, the amazing research of www.theroonba.com came to the rescue with most of the missing results and, indeed, a correction to our understanding of the Sprint Round, which was described as 15 games by COPABE and various newspapers, but was, in fact, only 10 contests. The Roon Ba is the leading source for results in all senior national team contests in dozens of sports and has the ability to find scores that no one else can. Through this work, we were able also to verify most of our scores, some of which were dubious (with several incorrect), and fill in many of the remaining holes.

The tournament set nine world records, only two of which have been be surpassed, along with three continental records. It is likely that both sets of numbers are higher, but the seven missing scores. Cuba set eight of these records itself, including most wins in a tournament (12) and best winning percentage in a tournament (75%). Its 34-0 win over Guatemala is the world record for most runs in a game by one team or both combined, along with biggest margin of victory.

Other all-time marks set were most shutout wins in a tournament (3, Venezuela), most games played in a tournament (Colombia, 17), most losses in a tournament (12, Puerto Rico), and most runs scored in a tournament (154, Cuba). Most runs scores in a loss (seven, accomplished four times) has since been surpassed, but remains the Americas record. Full results are below.

If you are aware of any missing results or have contacts with baseball5 in South America or with the organising committee, please get in touch.

Make sure to read our big latest update on baseball5, which includes the only world rankings, the first-ever team statistics, an expanded record book, and updated head-to-head results [link]. 

If the topic interests you, the following articles are worth checking out:
2020 Baseball5 Calendar [Link]
History of Baseball5 [Link]
Baseball5 Record Book, Edition 1.0 [Link]

The full list of international tournaments:
2018 Balkan Baseball5 Open [Link]
2018 Rome Baseball5 Open [Link]
2018 Havana Baseball5 Tournament [Link]
2019 Americas Baseball5 Open [Link]
2020 Balkan Baseball5 Open [Link]
2020 Baseball5 Euros [Link]
Baseball5 All-Time Head-to-Head Results [Link]

Americas Baseball5 Open
Cartagena, Colombia
18-20 April 2019

Format was pool play of a round robin of three-game series between nations. Each series counted as a single “win”. The next round was a ‘Sprint Round’, a single-game round robin. Those single games were also counted as wins as the combined totals of the two rounds qualified for first- and third-place games.

Pool Play
Day 1: Thursday (April 18)
Cuba 8 – Colombia 6
Colombia 13 – Cuba 6
Colombia 11 – Cuba 5
Venezuela 12 – Puerto Rico 2
Venezuela 14 – Puerto Rico 1
Colombia 7 – Guatemala 4
Colombia 6 – Guatemala 4
Cuba 8 – Venezuela 7
Venezuela 7 – Cuba 6
Cuba 6 – Venezuela 4
Colombia W – Puerto Rico
Colombia W – Puerto Rico
Colombia – Puerto Rico W
Cuba 15 – Guatemala 0
Cuba 34 – Guatemala

First Day Standings (Wins are series wins, not game wins)
Team                    “Wins”   W-L       RF          RA          Missing Runs
Colombia             3-0         6-2          43           27           3 Games
Cuba                     2-1          5-3          88           48
Venezuela            1-1          3-2          44           23
Puerto Rico         0-2          1-4          3             26           3 Games
Guatemala          0-2          0-4          8             62

Friday (April 19)
Puerto Rico 9 – Guatemala 6 (score uncertain)
Puerto Rico 7 – Guatemala 5
Venezuela 5 – Colombia 6
Venezuela 9 – Colombia 2
Venezuela 7 – Colombia 0
Puerto Rico 4 – Cuba 8
Puerto Rico 2 – Cuba 3
Venezuela 11 – Guatemala 0
Venezuela 9 – Guatemala 1

Final Pool Play Standings
Team                    “Wins”   W-L       RF          RA         Missing Runs
Colombia             3-1          7-4          50           49           3 Games
Cuba                     3-1          7-3          99           54
Venezuela            3-1          7-3          86           41
Puerto Rico         1-3          3-6          25           48           3 Games
Guatemala          0-4          0-8          30           98

Sprint Round
Friday (April 19)
Game 11: Cuba 12 – Colombia 2
Game 12: Venezuela 11 – Puerto Rico 2
Game 13: Colombia 11 – Guatemala 1 (Mercy)
Game 14: Venezuela 11 – Cuba 4
Game 15: Puerto Rico 7 – Colombia 12
Saturday (April 20)
Game 16: Cuba 3 – Guatemala 2
Game 17: Venezuela 11 – Colombia 1
Game 18: Guatemala 4 – Puerto Rico 0
Game 19: Cuba 13 – Puerto Rico 3
Game 20: Guatemala 0 – Venezuela 4

Standings through Sprint Round
Team                    “Wins”   W-L       RF          RA         Missing Runs
Venezuela            7-1          11-3        123         48
Cuba                     6-2         10-4        131         72
Colombia             5-3          9-6          76           80           3 Games
Puerto Rico         1-7          3-10         37           88           3 Games
Guatemala           1-7          1-11          37           116

Third Place Series:
Colombia W – Puerto Rico
Colombia W – Puerto Rico

Championship Series:
Cuba 12 – Venezuela 7
Cuba 11 – Venezuela 1

Final Standings
Team                    “Wins”   W-L       RF          RA         Missing Runs
Cuba                     7-2          12-4        154         80
Venezuela            7-2          11-5        131         71
Colombia             6-3          11-6        76           80           5 Games
Puerto Rico         1-8          3-12        37           88           5 Games
Guatemala           1-7          1-11        37           116

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