About the Author: Gabriel Fidler

I have been a sport journalist for about 15 years now, getting my start writing for Lee University‘s Sports Information Department as an undergraduate and working my way up to assistant to the SID, the legendary George Starr.  I have long been a fan of sport, but baseball has always been my chief passion (especially all things related to the Red Sox).

Having grown up in England and closely maintained my ties, my interests have always had an English and/or European perspective and interest.  With the Red Sox covered exhaustively by a fantastic network of journalists, bloggers, and amateurs, I needed some other baseball-related topic on which to focus.

Inspired by Mister Baseball, for whom I have often written regular match reports, previews, features, and analysis of the big tournaments, I decided to create Extra Innings: Baseball Around the World.  My fascination for travel is as deep as my love of baseball, so the union seems only natural. Originally, the topics that more regularly featured on Extra Innings were the World Baseball Classic and European National Teams, but as Extra Innings has grown, we are now on the forefront of baseball on its global periphery, with a network of contacts that allow us to offer coverage of events, teams, and players that are otherwise untouched by Anglophone journalists.

An ongoing project nearing completion is to list every tournament that has featured national teams, whether at the global level or a sub-continental matchup. This project has produced a head-to-head database of all national teams’ results, which has required extensive research and is nearly complete. More information here.

I’ve recently had an article published with Baseball America: Major League Baseball In London Gaining Momentum. Read it here: http://www.baseballamerica.com/international/major-league-baseball-london-gaining-momentum/ You can also find my work on MLB Trade Rumors’ Baseball Blogs Weigh In and Mister Baseball.

Follow me on Twitter for my thoughts on baseball around the world, live tweets from major tournaments, and interesting baseball-related tidbits.  If you are interested in hiring me as a writer or just for a story, I will provide a C.V. and portfolio.

Feel free to contact me if you know of any interesting international baseball topics, if you have any questions about my articles, or if you want to provide me with a useful source.


6 Responses to About the Author: Gabriel Fidler

  1. Greg Brumley says:

    So you’re a Mark Brew guy. Good for you! He’s an excellent coach and superb person. Some similarities to Woody Hunt, who is not only an NAIA legend but an exceptional humal being.

    I admire them both though I could never get them to take my California junior college guys — until Mark took one after I stopped coaching for teams in 2011.

    I look forward to enjoying your blog. Mister Baseball and I don’t agree. I find him a good source of information but — like most Europeans — incapable of accepting criticism. I’ve coached in Europe in 2007 and 2016 and I would very much like to see it improve. Its current relationship with MLB prohibits it from accepting the challenge to fundamentally improve. Thus the only “competitive” European teams are those carried by US or Carribean players. My desire is to see European baseball stand on its own feet.

    Good luck!

    • Greg,

      Thanks for the comments. I do know Mark well, as I do his predecessor, Dave Altopp. They are both great guys and care a lot about what they do. I’ve met Coach Hunt numerous times and he was a great role model as well. Scouting was probably the one thing I knew very little about.

      I know Philipp at Mister Baseball well, and he’s been great to work with, though typically reserved. I agree with your conclusions about European baseball, though I do think there are real growth areas, particularly in the countries that have emphasised developping internal talent.

      Feel free to get in touch with any interesting stories of which you might hear.

      Best wishes,

  2. Thora Schirtz says:

    Great to be reading your page, Gabriel

  3. Steve DeVoss says:

    You provide helpful information, Gabriel, and the volume of that compilation is testimony to your passion for the sport. Well done. You would be interested in our recent Baseball and Softball development in Tunisia and Turkey.

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