About the Author: Gabriel Fidler

I have been a sport journalist for about a decade now, getting my start writing for a Sports Information Department as an undergraduate and working my way up to assistant to the SID.  I have long been a fan of sport, but baseball has always been my chief passion (especially all things related to the Red Sox).

Having grown up in England and closely maintained my ties, my interests have always had an English and/or European perspective and interest.  With the Red Sox covered exhaustively by a fantastic network of journalists, bloggers, and amateurs, I needed some other baseball-related topic on which to focus.

Inspired by Mister Baseball, for whom I write regular game recaps, previews, features, and analysis for the big tournaments, I decided to create Extra Innings: Baseball Around the World.  My fascination for travel is as deep as my love of baseball, so the union seems only natural. My areas of expertise and those most likely to feature regularly on Extra Innings are the World Baseball Classic, European National Teams, and miscellaneous European topics.  There will be other posts regarding many other countries, though.

Follow me on Twitter for my thoughts on baseball around the world, live tweets from major tournaments, and interesting baseball-related tidbits.  If you are interested in hiring me as a writer or just for a story, I will provide a C.V. and portfolio.

Feel free to contact me if you know of any interesting international baseball topics, if you have any questions about my articles, or if you want to provide me a useful source.

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